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Pinkie. Pie.

Derpy, too. Can't forget everypony's favorite pony.



Tagged by: silverzora something something there's some numbers there somewhere

1.) Real Name: A quick google search should reveal this, don't be lazy.

2.) Nicknames: Cakemagic, cake, hey you

3.) Zodiac Sign:  Pisces

4.) Male or Female:  Male.

5.) Nursery: Who on earth knows this

6.) Primary School: Pine forest elementary.

7.) Secondary School: Creekwood

8.) Hair Color: Brown

9.) Long or Short: Short by definition, been meaning to get a cut for like 3 months now

10.) Loud or Quiet: Depends on how much caffeine I've had. Usually I'm pretty reserved but sometimes I'm super... friendly. Yeah, we'll go with that.

11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeans please

12. Phone or Camera: Camera. Like at least feeling more professional.

13.) Health Freak: Not really. I'll limit my food intake sometimes to preserve my super hot and attractive body though.

14.) Drink or Smoke:  Not even once.

15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: I REALLY THINK SO THIS TIME I SWEAR.

16.) Political orientation: Raised in a republican household and tbh im getting really sick of hearing about politics every single day.

17.) Piercings: N-n-n-nope

18.) Tattoos: Hah.


19.) Airplane:  Yes. Love them! Except for the whole landing and take off thing where you're convinced that this is how you go, just on a trip to like chicago or something and you die because everything is shaking and loud

20.) Car *Accident*: No

21.) Fist Fight: I played Soul Calibur, I'd tell people not to cross me unless they want me to go all SIGFRIED ON THEIR ARSES


22.) First piercing: *crickets*

23.) First Best Friend: Dalton. Don't know what happened to him and I'm kinda scared to know so if you do don't tell me

24.) First Instrument played: Guitar, man and no I don't know stairway to heaven or freebird thank you very much

25.) First award: Participation trophy for rec soccer was my life man, so many trophies decorate my closet

26.) First Crush: A girl named Hannah from my first church was absolutely adorable. Adopted from China with her sister and all

27.) First Language: English

28.) First Big Vacation: Absolutely no idea ha ha ha ha haaa h hahaha hahhhh hhhhhhhhhh


29.) Last Person you talked to:  My best friend, we were totally disoriented about when to give eachother christmas gifts

 30.) Last Person You Texted:  My co worker wants me to chat at literally 11:30 pm

31.) Last Person You Watched:  I hardly watch anyone unless you have mad skillz so idk exactly who it was

32.) Last Food You Ate: I just got myself a pepsi if that counts

32.) Last Movie You Watched: I don't care enough to remember

34.) Last Song You listened to: Some theme song from a vn called Always the Same Blue Sky

35.) Last Thing You Bought: Pottery that my friend and I painted from a pottery company

36.) Last Person You Hugged: My CRUSH OH MAN OH BOY


37.) Food: Food

38.) Drinks: Soda in general man

39.) Clothing:  Tshirts and Jeans and sometimes an overshirt if I feel like it but most of the time a sweater and my glasses

40.) Book:  To kill a mockingbird

41.) Color: YELLOW

42.) Flower: Hydrangeas  

43.) Music: Cherax Destructor.

44.) Movie: Lol I'd have to say Tron

46.) Subjects: Music theory was super duper fun and stuff man


47.) [X] Kissed in the rain

48.) [X] Celebrated Halloween.

49.) [X] Had Your Heart Broken

50.) [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone 

51.) [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.

52.) [x] Used a Weapon Have a Kukri that I brandish from time to time

53.) [ ] Breathed fire

54.) [ ] Had an Abortion.

55.) [X] Done something you've Regretted 

56.) [X] Broke a Promise probs on accident

57.) [X] Kept a Secret Definitely

58.) [X] Pretended To Be Happy 

59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life FOR WORSE

60.) [ ] Pretended To Be Sick 

61.) [ ] Left The Country 

62.) [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

63.) [ ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 

64.) [X] Ran a Mile

65.) [ ] Went To the Beach

66.) [X] Stayed Single sniff


67.) Eating:  my time

68.) Drinking: Pepsi if you didnt read that above you lazy reader

69.) Getting Ready To: go to sleep hopefully

70.) Listening To: my washing machine pound the wall and continue to grow concerned and convince myself this is normal

71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Work, nothing probs

72.) Waiting For: Half Life 3


73.) Want Kids: Yes

74.) Want To Get Married: Yes

75.) Careers in minds: Public speaker, Public relations


76.) Lips or Eyes: Eyes on a girl (Standard guy response I know but they really do captivate me)

77.) Shorter or Taller: Short little cutie pies are the best

78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: I'd rather them have fun and be spontaneous and considerate and just know they care for me

79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Was I supposed to be judging people based on their arms/stomach this whole time my life is a lie

80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sense of humor please

81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship plz

82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: Gotta say that I'd rather have someone who doesn't like doing bad things.


83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yup. Found my glasses in my backpack after 2 months 

84.) Ran Away From Home: Nope

85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defence: No

86.) Killed Somebody: Would I say "Yes" even if I had?

87.) Broken Someone's Heart: I had to, don't look at me that way. I always hate doing it but when they try to control you...

88.) Been Arrested: 


90.) Yourself: sometimes.

91.) Miracles: More like "Acts of God"

92.) Love at First Sight: Every time I try that the girl always seems to turn out to be a psycopath

93.) Heaven: Yep

94.) Santa Claus: Of course

96.) Magic: I swear to you people that it exists. It really does. As a Baptist Christian I am telling you it is real.


97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: yes but it would be creepy for her if I was

98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Kinda. Like, life is good but I'm not bursting tears of joy.

99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: NO

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